Meet the Judges: Day 4 and what to do on the day before Freestyle Takeover!


We are at the last day before Freestyle Takeover, and as far as meeting judges go, we saved the best for last!

A couple of administrative pieces of business before we go on:

  • Freestyle Takeover pre-registration on Eventbrite ends on TOMORROW, Saturday 1/27 at 12pm (NOON) PST. If you miss this window and still want to compete we will be having onsite registration at Round1 tomorrow starting at 3pm. Cash is preferred but we can also accept PayPal/Venmo.
  • Tune in to our Facebook Event page TONIGHT at 8pm PST (Friday 1/26) for a quick Facebook Live stream at Round1 from your dashing tournament organizers for a couple of SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENTS.
  • If you can’t make it out to San Jose tomorrow, we will be streaming all of Freestyle Takeover on Twitch at starting at 2:30pm PST with the Freestyle Takeover pre-show!
  • Be sure to social media the heck out of Freestyle Takeover using #DDRFreestyle!And with that out of the way, your final two judges for Freestyle Takeover! Rounding out the the last two judging spots is dancer Michele King of The Get Down Dance Studios in San Jose, and Rob Roberts, host of the renowned Orange Lounge Radio podcast!


NAME: Michele King
ALIAS: Ms. King
AFFILIATION: Bay Area Waackers, DS Players, Mix’d Ingrdnts


  • Teaches Waacking at The Get Down Dance Studios.
  • Teaches dance to at-risk youth at several different South Bay Schools for Future Arts Now!
  • Teaches Tennis to youth at Kidztopros
  • Has 10+ years in dance and performance experience.
  • Avid Wrestling Fan!

Michele has been dancing for 12 years now and her main styles are Waacking, Locking, and Hip Hop.

In 2006, she met and trained under bay area dance legend and director of the DS Players, Ceech Hsu. She became a part of the DS Players dance crew in 2007. Michele was also a part of all-female dance collective based out of Oakland, CA, Mix’d Ingrdnts, founded by Jenay Anolin and Samara Atkins. Late 2008 is when Michele discovered Waacking/ Punking and instantly fell in love with it. Michele has gained knowledge from and trained with renowned waackers from all over the world, including Tiffany “Jimini” Bong, Kumari Suraj, Princess Lockerooo, Viktor Manoel, Tyrone Proctor, Angel, Dallace Zeigler, Akuma Diva, and Chrissy Chou. Her passion lies in dance, fitness, teaching, traveling, and working with the youth.

Jam VII All-Styles Battle – Judges Showcase

Shake it Out  2017 You Are Magic Waacking Battle – Judges Showcase


NAME: Rob Roberts
AKA: skie
AFFILIATION: Orange Lounge Radio
FUN FACTS: Co-founded Orange Lounge Radio, an award winning, weekly video game talk show/podcast which initially started as a music/rhythm-based gaming talk show. Active streamer on Twitch.Tv as a recognized affiliate. Regular host/emcee at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, having hosted showings of cult cinema such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo: The Genetic Opera at various venues in Northern California since 1998. Briefly competed in DDR freestyle tournaments under the alias Dr. Dick.


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