Hands up in the air! 🙌

Big announcements today! We knew we didn’t want January’s tournament to be the end of DDR freestyle in 2018, so we’ve launched as a Brand ™ with the intent to celebrate and foster freestyle in the DDR community and bring you more content & events throughout the year.

First item of business is the launch of our podcast! Tune in to hear , and reflect on the performances from the first DDRFS tournament in NorCal in damn near a decade!


We’re also super excited to share an ongoing project with you: The DDR Freestyle Archive! James is spearheading this with the goal of creating an accessible, centralized repository of tournament performances dating all the way back to the year 2000. For anyone curious about past events or looking for inspiration for their own routines, this thing is a must-see.

We’re open to any and all feedback and want to foster engagement and participation in freestyle as best we can. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see and be sure to give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook in the meantime! Happy weekend y’all!


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