The Freestyle Takeover Podcast: Episode 3

We have a new episode of the podcast up with Mel B and Captain Canada hosting! We’ve got two new FS tournaments to announce and one big event to cover from FanimeCon 2018! Sacramento freestylers Uncle Phil and Funktion join us as well to talk over their Fanime experience as well as their history with dance game freestyle in the Bay Area!


1:20 – Slushii/Konami tweet explosion
8:10 – MAGWest announcement
10:30 – Cyber Cypher 2 announcement
15:20 – Freestyle Takeover: Fanime recap
23:00 – A wild Uncle Phil appears!
43:05 – A wild Funktion appears!
57:50 – Just Dance/Dance Central discussion
1:04:50 – Stepchart memorization
1:13:10 – Mailbag

Liner notes

RIRI – Brazilian Anthem freestyle

Freestyle Takeover: Fanime playlist…YcMZ9JWyARd0t5-Uu

Uncle Phil – Centre of the Heart improv @ Fanime

Uncle Phil – Celebrate routine @ Fanime

DaKree – Dr. Love routine @ Fanime

Funktion – 1st place Pump It Up routine @ Fanime

Dance Central – Usher – OMG routine

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