Fresno Frenzy 2 results

Fresno Frenzy 2 was a spectacle, a success and a step forward for the DDR community. Competitors came out from Ohio, Arizona, Seattle, Detroit, and even Canada for this! TOs Alecksaur, Zeo and Ninjafar were somehow able to pack 4 events into one weekend, each of which offered something unique and exciting to watch.







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photo credit: Dalton Runberg

With some backing from his hype men in the audience, our very own @yaygabbyjay was able to go the distance and take 2nd in Lower Division MA – time to call that boy up from the minors! Congrats as well to Toronto’s JDADZ for taking 1st in that!

Upper Division saw a huge turnout and a fierce round robin top 4 finals between Fungah, iamchris4life, Ninjafar and Dimo, with Fungah coming out on top in the end. Dimo managed to take a round from Fungah in one of the most hype moments of the entire weekend! (check out SF EVOLVED on Youtube for more)


Freestyle was every bit as awesome as we expected and then some. We had our best exhibitions of the year from FST staff, a five star commentary team in @CymaticBruce and @dimo and a packed audience IRL and on Twitch. Everyone brought something different to the table that night and we were so happy to see it all. In the end, freestyle vet 001 edged out Butters by ONE POINT with his stellar performance but you can guaran-damn-tee this won’t be the last we see of her.


1. 001 – Kiss Me All Night ()



Major props to our top three as well as everyone who took the stage that night! We want to give a special shout-out to Grant who drove 9 hours from Arizona to compete in his first-ever freestyle tournament. Dude straight-up stole our hearts that night with his postgame speech:

Check out all the freestyle action in our playlist below (& thanks to Dalton for filming!)


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