December 2 Remember

We’re ecstatic to announce we’ll be hosting December 2 Remember, a Dance Dance Revolution tournament at Esports Arena Oakland on Saturday, December 29! With this event, we want to commemorate the 20th anniversary of DDR with a prestigious double main event tournament to showcase its best players.

Register and get tickets!


Our first event will be a technical play invitational. Two of America’s most decorated technical players, Fungah and iamchris4life, will lead their hand-picked squads into a head-to-head 8v8 battle. The battle will be played on three different mixes representing different generations of DDR: 5th Mix, Extreme Pro and X2! Feet will fly fast with marksman-like accuracy as both teams will compete to determine which squad has the most game.

And in our signature main event, the Freestyle tournament will feature competitors in a single-round showcase on DDR 4th Mix Plus, DDR 5th Mix and DDR X2. Freestyle incorporates creativity, physicality, and showmanship to wow the audience and judges with choreographed dance routines. The winner will be crowned the first ever December 2 Remember champion, complete with a championship belt!

Purchase your tickets here to either compete in the Freestyle competition or be a spectator of this world-class competition. (Arena house fees are included with each ticket.)

With this double main event, Freestyle Takeover will truly make next month a December 2 Remember. For more updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. D2R will also be streaming on Twitch!

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