Freestyle Takeover: Fanime results

Another year, another that FanimeCon overdelivers! Crowds eagerly gathered in the gaming hall on Saturday night of Fanime weekend to watch ten freestylers give it their best in our DDR 5th mix freestyle tournament. It was our second year hosting an event at the popular San Jose convention and dancers had noticeably stepped up their confidence and skills from last year. Fanime is always a great venue to play up the pageantry and is a low-pressure event for beginning freestylers to find their footing as well.

Among some of the highlights in our opening improv card draw round:

Fan favorite DaKree ripping it in the opening improv card draw round to one of the best eurobeat tracks in DDR:

Dammit Jill drawing the perfect song pick to pair up with her cosplay prop:

Uncle Phil getting down with the best improv performance to Cafe we’ve seen to date:

And a long-awaited return from one of NorCal’s most admired freestyle veterans!

After the top 7 dancers advanced, it was do or die time in the routine round that followed! Competitors came prepared, took big risks and danced until their bodies gave out:

Ram-Ram stepped it up big time from his showing at D2R with a Conga Feeling performance that had the crowd hooked:

Uncle Phil etched his name into our freestyle leaderboard with a song that never got enough love back in the day – The Twist! (i.e. “the first song that came up when I searched ‘DDR 5th mix’ on Youtube”)

DaKree told us he was comin’ for that spot on the leaderboard as well and did not disappoint with his Gotcha routine. Give that boy a call.

Following judges’ ranking, our top 2 ranked dancers initially TIED to send judges to a tiebreaker vote!

In the end, DaKree came out on top to become a 2-time winner at Freestyle Takeover: FanimeCon!

Final results:

  1. DaKree
  2. Uncle Phil
  3. Ram Ram
  4. The Juice
  5. Funktion
  6. Applefrog
  7. Dammit Jill

Congrats to our top 7, thank you to all who entered and to the crowd who gathered in support that night – y’all kept the energy up through a whopping 26 performances and it made all the difference in the world. Until next year!

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