Style Guide #1 by kay0ss: Flavor/Grooving

Seta Para Cima↑↑ is a hot new track that is sure to make you bop your head with its flavorful Latin-inspired sounds, arranged in a way that makes it live up to many of today’s Bemani bangers!

The overall feel of the track is carried heavily by its Latin-infused structure, so a lot of your freestyle can involve a lot of grooving.

Groove is the idea of expressing rhythm and feeling through your own movement. With that being said, a lot of your freestyle can be influenced by how you hear and feel the song, which in turn, is represented by your own “flavor”. And let’s just say, this songs rhythmic vibes can bring out a lot of that inner flavor. ¡Muy caliente!

If you are familiar with Latin-inspired dances (i.e. Salsa, etc.), then your footwork or your hip movements may follow a specific pattern, while your upper body and your arms are more free to do whatever you’d like with them.

Others may feel more inclined to use their entire body as one, so both the arms and legs are showcased equally.

There are several moments in the song where one can showcase their musicality. Do not be afraid to show off a bit!

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