Style Guide #2 by kay0ss: Precision/Control

Dead Heat is a new Drum’n’Bass track carried by its hard hitting percussive sounds layered on top of smooth, atmospheric synth lines. Despite the song clocking in at 177 BPM, the song feels a lot smoother than most tracks around the same tempo as it is dictated by its instrumentation throughout, and the “feeling” of the song itself changes as shifts into each phase.

The beginning is headlined by its smooth guitar and familiar Maozon-like synths. The percussion doesn’t build up until after a few measures, so the beginning can be treated as a build up, where one may take their time as their freestyle goes along.

You can then match your body as the bass builds up, with each movement having a purpose. It is at this point where having good control over your body movements becomes vital.

Songs like Dead Heat usually have many instruments layered on top of each other, but that does not mean you have to move to every single one! Choose any part of an instrument (like the primary synth or the snare drum) and let your movement represent that.

As the song transitions in and out of the drum’n’bass patterns, the percussion instruments will subside, and the main melody will take over, leaving you with the freedom to interpret the “feeling” of the song. You can either slow down and make it smooth, or stay sharp and precise.

Don’t be afraid to switch in and out of different feelings, too. Different instruments can determine what you feel, which in turn will decide how you want to approach your Freestyle. It’s all about what you are feeling in the moment! 

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