Style Guide #3 by kay0ss: High Energy

The Light is a rollercoaster of a track, with its vocals leading up to the build up that will leave you fist pumping all throughout the track well after its drop!

For songs like this, you want to convey the energy that the artist intended its audience to feel when composing the song, so your movements should be a solid outlier for this!

In the beginning, the best way to build up your performance is to start subtle. Don’t give away too much and don’t use up all your energy right away! If you know the songs lyrics, you can sing along/act out the words!

Once the main melody and drop kick in, it’s time to go all-in! You can do this in any way you desire. You can represent the energy of the song with your footwork, your body movement, or your facial expressions.

Although the song’s energy remains, your stamina may not! In this case, it is ok to lay off the gas pedal and “coast” along with the song. You don’t have to go full-out the entire time, but you can still freestyle at your own pace that still matches the music!

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