Freestyle Takeover: Night in Motion


Freestyle Takeover: Night in Motion proved that summer blockbusters aren’t just for movie screens. Full of flash, flavor, and fun times, it was the perfect kickoff for what would be an epic weekend at Infinity Stage San Jose—a rhythm-based gaming tournament spanning nine different titles held at Round1 San Jose.

Leading things off Friday night was FST’s inaugural DANCERUSH STARDOM freestyle competition. Although it was the first West Coast freestyle event of its kind, the bar set by the field crushed all expectations leading into the night. Players from across the country electrified the crowd with styles ranging from shuffling to b-boying to comedic entertainment. Some of the most memorable highlights included:

Rubio going suave and putting on that ‘70s show
DNARWHAL celebrating his country ’tis of thee
The Juice dropping more signature moves than Bret Hart in his prime
Kanauru giving us flowing choreography and letting the crowd know we can stand under his umbrella. Ella-ella-ay-ay-ay.
001 tapping into his natural playboy to meet Craigs at the club
Applefrog unloading some jaw-dropping social commentary about the controversial KAC Dance Rush tourney results earlier this year

Ultimately, the championship was won by the sibling couple Hitswi and Allister, proving sometimes it takes two to make a thing go right. Some have even gone as far as saying it’s the Synchronized Love of DRS! (And they wouldn’t be entirely wrong judging how rapidly the footage began trending almost instantly.)

After a brief break, the nightcap was served with DDR A20 freestyle—also the first freestyle tourney of its kind. From top to bottom, all entrants put on a showcase that made the judges’ jobs an unenviable task. Not since perhaps CVGL in 2001 have we seen this many solid routines under one roof. Besides the usual suspects we’ve seen at previous competitions, there was an influx of new performers as well as up-and-comers who eclipsed their previous efforts.

Though every routine deserves a shout-out, some of the most memorable moments included:

Kanauru party rocking like it’s 2009
Daddy666 marrying the Smooch aesthetic with a delightfully ratchet twist
001’s retelling of Kevin Durant’s decision to flee the Golden State Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets. A routine with more bounce and flavor than an AND1 Mixtape.
Butters putting on a seductive performance that connected big time with the audience and judges
TruPnoi showing us he’s not too cool for school. Or schoolgirls.
Feraligtr bursting onto the scene and wowing everyone with his modern dance choreography and bubbling charisma
In the end, Applefrog’s Hideo Kojima saga that’s become synonymous with first place reminded us why it’s the gift that keeps on giving. This time, a new love interest entered the room!

The hype felt at Night in Motion started strong and didn’t let up even into the wee hours of the night. The buzz was felt throughout the arcade, in our Twitch stream, and on social media. We’re confident that this will become a signature summer event for the foreseeable future. And we at FST couldn’t have done this without the amazing support from both the Infinity Stage and Round1 staff, as well as the competitors and spectators who made the weekend an absolute blast.

Have a cool rest of the summer!


Full DRS playlist:

Full DDR A20 playlist:

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