Squad Battle draft results

The picks are in for our 8v8 squad battle at D2R!


…and a mystery player!!


Andi Mon


You can watch the stream archive below. A very fun call with some of the Bay Area’s top DDR talent!






D2R Qualifier Results

We want to thank everyone who submitted scores for our D2R qualifier set – these were some CLOSE results. Awesome job to all involved. We now have our top 8 for next week’s live draft!

4) TY

Full ranking: https://tinyurl.com/yaw87ayn

 and  will each reveal their 3 personal picks live next Tuesday on our Twitch channel with a live draft of the top qualifiers to follow. Stay tuned!

Cyber Cypher 3 results

As you may have heard, our Cyber Cypher 3 results are in! DaKree got things soapy and we loved Melvin’s theme + technical ability but the fusion dance between Apples and Hideo Kojima was just TOO STRONG. This turned out to be a hugely entertaining remote event and we want to thank you guys for being a part of it and coming through with those themes!

1st place: Applefrog – Dub-I-Dub

2nd place: RUBIOOO! – Chaos (Terror-Tech mix)

3rd place: DaKree – Do You Love Me?

December 2 Remember

We’re ecstatic to announce we’ll be hosting December 2 Remember, a Dance Dance Revolution tournament at Esports Arena Oakland on Saturday, December 29! With this event, we want to commemorate the 20th anniversary of DDR with a prestigious double main event tournament to showcase its best players.

Register and get tickets!


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Cyber Cypher 3

It may be autumn but at Freestyle Takeover, we’re all about stepping up and never falling back. Cyber Cypher #3 is underway and this time you get to decide which song you’d like to perform to!



That’s right, every song on any official DDR Mix is fair game. So what’s the catch?

Since we’re coming up on Halloween, we want you to show us your spirit! By that, we mean dress up in your choice of costume whilst performing your routine. Whether you want to be spooky, sparkly, or savage, go big with it. There are no requirements or restrictions on your costume so long as it fits within guidelines of general decency. See the rules posted below for more details.

We, the Freestyle Takeover staff, will be your judges for this round. We’ll still grade your routine based on common factors such as creativity, musicality, showmanship, and charisma, but we’ll be giving more more emphasis on visual presentation, specifically your costume and its synergy with the routine.

Entries may be submitted between 10/8/2018 and 11/11/2018, 12:01am PDT. Full rules available under the jump.

Good luck and look good!

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Fresno Frenzy 2 results

Fresno Frenzy 2 was a spectacle, a success and a step forward for the DDR community. Competitors came out from Ohio, Arizona, Seattle, Detroit, and even Canada for this! TOs Alecksaur, Zeo and Ninjafar were somehow able to pack 4 events into one weekend, each of which offered something unique and exciting to watch.







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photo credit: Dalton Runberg

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