The Freestyle Takeover Podcast – Episode 18

We have a supersized episode 18 up with our thoughts on Clash of the Valkyries and the Dance Rush + DDR A20 freestyle divisions at New Decade! We also give a fond farewell to our co-host & co-founder @paolo and reflect on Why We Do This.

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We recorded this one last month and have had it backlogged for a bit but hope y’all enjoy it nonetheless! Much love and stay safe out there.

The Freestyle Takeover Podcast: Episode 13

Special guests 001 and Megumin join us in a jam-packed episode as we cover the arrival of DDR A20 in NorCal, recap our freestyle events at Fresno Frenzy 3 and FanimeCon 2019 and look ahead to future ones! We also interview Watson about his music game background and his recent entry into the freestyle scene and answer listener questions about the challenges & roadblocks newer freestylers face as they turn away from the machine and face the audience for the first time.

02:40 – NIght in Motion/Infinity Stage
05:30 – DDR A20 impressions
16:50 – CEO/DDR Storm
23:00 – Freestyle tutorials
28:40 – MAGWest announcement
31:00 – Fresno Frenzy 3 thoughts
39:20 – FanimeCon thoughts
51:10 – Megumin interview
01:13:40 – Listener questions

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The Freestyle Takeover Podcast: Episode 888

Happy turkey week! It’s a mini-episode of the podcast this time as we look ahead at the road to D2R, break down the 8v8 squad battle rules and recap and Cyber Cypher 3. Enjoy and stay subscribed for more!


The Freestyle Takeover Podcast: Episode 7

We’re joined by TWO special guests in the latest episode of the Takeover podcast: Omid/dimo of SF EVOLVED and longtime NorCal Bemani veteran JeffreyATW! We’ve got some new events to announce, a 20th anniversary to reflect on and a ton of MA + freestyle highlights to recap from Fresno Frenzy 2. A wholesome, community-focused show and a must-listen for any DDR player!




Freestyle Takeover Panel at MAGWest

Our panel at MAGWest 2018 with special guest 001 is now available as both an audio and video podcast (w/ freestyle highlights)! It’s an oral + visual history of the game we love as we take a look at the evolution and rebirth of DDR freestyle through the years – enjoy the ride!