New Decade

Time is ticking toward a NEW DECADE. Join us for a huge night of competition and collaboration on 1/18 @ Round1 San Jose with DDR Freestyle, DANCERUSH STARDOM freestyle and a 6v6 all-women team battle co-organized with Valkyrie Dimension!

Register today at

To be eligible for Clash of the Valkyries, send in your best scores by 1/6/20 using this form:

Style Guide #3 by kay0ss: High Energy

The Light is a rollercoaster of a track, with its vocals leading up to the build up that will leave you fist pumping all throughout the track well after its drop!

For songs like this, you want to convey the energy that the artist intended its audience to feel when composing the song, so your movements should be a solid outlier for this!

In the beginning, the best way to build up your performance is to start subtle. Don’t give away too much and don’t use up all your energy right away! If you know the songs lyrics, you can sing along/act out the words!

Once the main melody and drop kick in, it’s time to go all-in! You can do this in any way you desire. You can represent the energy of the song with your footwork, your body movement, or your facial expressions.

Although the song’s energy remains, your stamina may not! In this case, it is ok to lay off the gas pedal and “coast” along with the song. You don’t have to go full-out the entire time, but you can still freestyle at your own pace that still matches the music!

Style Guide #2 by kay0ss: Precision/Control

Dead Heat is a new Drum’n’Bass track carried by its hard hitting percussive sounds layered on top of smooth, atmospheric synth lines. Despite the song clocking in at 177 BPM, the song feels a lot smoother than most tracks around the same tempo as it is dictated by its instrumentation throughout, and the “feeling” of the song itself changes as shifts into each phase.

The beginning is headlined by its smooth guitar and familiar Maozon-like synths. The percussion doesn’t build up until after a few measures, so the beginning can be treated as a build up, where one may take their time as their freestyle goes along.

You can then match your body as the bass builds up, with each movement having a purpose. It is at this point where having good control over your body movements becomes vital.

Songs like Dead Heat usually have many instruments layered on top of each other, but that does not mean you have to move to every single one! Choose any part of an instrument (like the primary synth or the snare drum) and let your movement represent that.

As the song transitions in and out of the drum’n’bass patterns, the percussion instruments will subside, and the main melody will take over, leaving you with the freedom to interpret the “feeling” of the song. You can either slow down and make it smooth, or stay sharp and precise.

Don’t be afraid to switch in and out of different feelings, too. Different instruments can determine what you feel, which in turn will decide how you want to approach your Freestyle. It’s all about what you are feeling in the moment! 

Genesis 6

Coming hot off of D2R, we’ll be co-hosting a DDR Extreme freestyle tournament this Saturday 2/2 at Genesis 6, one of the major Super Smash Bros events of the year at the Oakland Marriott City Center! Catch the action at 8pm PST following the Extreme Pro technical division hosted by SF EVOLVED.

Onsite registration will close Feb 2 @ 11:00am PST (first come first serve). Spectator badges are $30 and admission is $10 per division. There’s a ton of other high-level competition and freeplay around the convention center that day, so we highly encourage showing up early to check out the rest of the event!


Twitch streams:
– Freestyle:
– Technical (Marvelous Attack):

Freestyle Takeover: Fanime

We’re hosting a tournament on Friday night at Fanimecon! While the gaming hall has always been a perfect spot for DDR freestyle, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen dancers throw down in a competition. With the release of DDR Ace sparking a renewed energy around dance games and freestyle again in 2018, it is our DUTY to bring you an official tournament at the grandest anime stage of them all!

WHERE: Fanime Gaming Hall @ San Jose Convention Center
WHEN: May 25th, 7:30PM
MIX: DDR Extreme
ENTRY: Free w/ badge

The tournament will consist of two rounds:

Competitors will randomly draw a card from a curated set of songs and freestyle to it to the best of their ability. Singles/doubles and all modifiers / difficulties are allowed. Judges will select the top 8 dancers from this pool to move onto the next round.

Bring your A game on a song of your choice!



– 1st place will receive a SURPRISE GIFT~ and a gift pack from the wonderful artist emu (check out her work at
– 2nd & 3rd place will receive emu gift packs as well!

More details soon to come!