Cyber Cypher 2 results

Cyber Cypher 2 results are in!

1st: @akausa_ch – Brazilian Anthem

2nd: @Applefrog – Exotic Ethnic

3rd: @pauliwrath_ – Brazilian Anthem


Thanks to all for entering, we loved seeing the work y’all put in for this!



Freestyle Takeover Panel at MAGWest

Our panel at MAGWest 2018 with special guest 001 is now available as both an audio and video podcast (w/ freestyle highlights)! It’s an oral + visual history of the game we love as we take a look at the evolution and rebirth of DDR freestyle through the years – enjoy the ride!



Cyber Cypher 2 judging now open!

Cyber Cypher 2 is in the books! Thanks to all of our entrants for sending in your videos. It’s judging time and this time around, YOU, the loyal Freestyle Takeover follower can join 001, Dakree and RIRI in the ranking process!

In order to get in on the judging action:

→ You must follow @FSTakeover on Twitter
→ You must DM us your preferred ranking of the CC2 performances

Without further ado, here are your competitors!

pauliwrath – Brazilian Anthem

Applefrog – Exotic Ethnic

akausa_ch – Brazilian Anthem

Freestyle Takeover: MAGWest results

If you were dancing with props, you were getting props. That was the theme of Freestyle Takeover’s most recent competition held this past weekend at MAGWest, the West Coast expansion of MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival).


We held a two-round improv freestyle tournament to determine who had the most creativity and charisma when faced with a random song. The first twist: It was on a DDR 4th Mix Plus machine, a mix that hasn’t seen the light of day in Northern California in over a decade. The second twist: Each competitor was randomly assigned a physical prop to use in conjunction with their first round performance. The result? The crowd, the judges, and the Twitch audience were treated to plenty of clever acts on stage!

In the final round, the physical props were shooed away but the energy was turned up to 11. Despite the competitors being bound to a random song, they still let loose and left it all on the dance pads. This is not some phrase that we throw around lightly; the top 3 finishers finished within a point of each other on the judges’ scorecards!

With that said, here are the full results below!

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Cyber Cypher 2 special announcement!

With a little over 2 weeks before the 8/12 deadline for Cyber Cypher 2, it’s time to reveal what we’ve got in store for our winners!

1st place gets our ELITE towel designed by Caitlin Gowdey:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 2.17.57 PM

Our top 3 placings will get their choice of one of three EXCLUSIVE shirts featuring a celebrated DDR player.


To enter, simply record a freestyle performance to one of these four songs, upload it to social media and tag it with #DDRFreestyle:

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Good luck!!