Cyber Cypher 4 results


We loved watching these performances and were impressed at how many dancers out of the 26 (!!) memorized their steps and yet there were so many strong improvised performances as well with flair, character and musicality

It was tough to get our lists in just the right order as there were so many spots that could have gone either way. Thank you once again to our guest judges @SmoothButters and our first Cyber Cypher winner (!) @ugogon for joining us in this difficult task!

Japan showed us much love for this event and we’re grateful for it. Thank you to @home_tan for joining our Discord and helping make sure all entries were counted w/ @ddr_yattemasu. It was a pleasure meeting you all remotely & seeing your different styles. We hope to meet someday!

Our top 3 will get the prizes mentioned here: … the bonus prize being any item from our newly-launched Freestyle Takeover Shop!

Thank you all for being a part of this and congrats to our winners! Let’s keep #DDRFreestyle alive & thriving!

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