Cyber Cypher 4 is live!

Cyber Cypher 4 is all the way live! Submit a freestyle video using the hashtag #DDRFreestyle to enter. Entries will be accepted from now until November 8th!

– Any song feat. Paula Terry
– Any song by the artist Naoki, NM, or NMR
Any song in the Extreme Folder on DDR Ace
– Dazzlin Darlin
– Scorching Moon
– Break Free
– I Want You to Know
– Bloody Tears (IIDX remix)
– Deadball de homerun
– Dynamite Rave

Full rules after the jump:

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Cyber Cypher 4 Royal Rumble results

The action was fast, furious and unpredictable as 30 of Dance Dance Revolution’s top stars competed to decide the fate of Cyber Cypher 4!

Paula Terry won the opening match in a hard fought battle with Cutie Chaser, Valkyrie and Ariana Grande, adding her songs to the CC4 selection!

Cyber Cypher 4 Royal Rumble Results
Elimination #5 – Luke Harper, subbing in for HHH
Elimination #10 – Naoki
Elimination #15 – Shawn the Horny Master
Elimination #20 – Zedd
Elimination #25 – TeamKhris
Elimination #27 – Simon Belmont
Elimination #28 – DDR Doge


– Any song feat. Paula Terry
– Any song with the artist Naoki (i..e NAOKI, NM, NMR)
– Any song in the Extreme Folder
– Dazzlin Darlin
– Scorching Moon
– Break Free
– I Want You to Know
– Bloody Tears (IIDX remix)
– Deadball de homerun
– Dynamite Rave

Cyber Cypher 4 announcement!

As you may have heard on our podcast, our remote freestyle event Cyber Cypher is back by popular demand! We’ll be formally kicking off our 6-week window of entry this Friday (9/27), and to decide on our music selection this time around, we’re going to mix things up a bit…


30 ALL-STAR COMPETITORS will square off in a WWE 2k19 Royal Rumble event streamed live on Twitch. The roster will include classic DDR characters, freestyle superstars, Konami composers and more – each competitor representing a song or pack of songs from DDR Ace!

Song selection for Cyber Cypher 4 will be determined via eliminations #5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 28 and the winner of the Royal Rumble, giving you 8 options in total to freestyle to!

Bruce LeroyInsertion
Eddie MontgomeryHillbilly Shoes
Shawn the Horny MasterScorching Moon
Sota FujimoriAny Sota song
Yuichi AsamiAny U1 song
ZeddI Want You To Know, Break Free
DJ TakaAny DJ Taka song
TAGAny TAG song
iamchris4lifeMaxx Unlimited
DDR DOGEDeadball de Homerun
BoldoFunk Boogie
Stone BroLet the Beat Hit Em (Classic R&B Style)
UZI LAYPut Your Faith in Me
RageDynamite Rave
PitbullTime of Our Lives
Craigs PenneySeule
Mr. WendellDon’t Stop!

Additionally, we’ll be holding a women’s Texas Tornado match to determine the 9th and final song for CC4 – whoever gets the pinfall gets their song in. (unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow men and women to compete in a Rumble together, but we still have some 5 star talent lined up!)


Cutie ChaserCutie Chaser
Ariana GrandeBreak Free
Paula TerryAny song feat. Paula Terry
ValkyrieCANDY ⭐️ (TheGalagaShip‘s choice)

RSVP for the remote event on Facebook, keep it locked on our Twitter page this week for roster updates and get ready to rumble this Friday night on at 8/7c! Full rules on the tournament coming soon!

Freestyle Takeover: Night in Motion


Freestyle Takeover: Night in Motion proved that summer blockbusters aren’t just for movie screens. Full of flash, flavor, and fun times, it was the perfect kickoff for what would be an epic weekend at Infinity Stage San Jose—a rhythm-based gaming tournament spanning nine different titles held at Round1 San Jose.

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Style Guide #3 by kay0ss: High Energy

The Light is a rollercoaster of a track, with its vocals leading up to the build up that will leave you fist pumping all throughout the track well after its drop!

For songs like this, you want to convey the energy that the artist intended its audience to feel when composing the song, so your movements should be a solid outlier for this!

In the beginning, the best way to build up your performance is to start subtle. Don’t give away too much and don’t use up all your energy right away! If you know the songs lyrics, you can sing along/act out the words!

Once the main melody and drop kick in, it’s time to go all-in! You can do this in any way you desire. You can represent the energy of the song with your footwork, your body movement, or your facial expressions.

Although the song’s energy remains, your stamina may not! In this case, it is ok to lay off the gas pedal and “coast” along with the song. You don’t have to go full-out the entire time, but you can still freestyle at your own pace that still matches the music!

Style Guide #2 by kay0ss: Precision/Control

Dead Heat is a new Drum’n’Bass track carried by its hard hitting percussive sounds layered on top of smooth, atmospheric synth lines. Despite the song clocking in at 177 BPM, the song feels a lot smoother than most tracks around the same tempo as it is dictated by its instrumentation throughout, and the “feeling” of the song itself changes as shifts into each phase.

The beginning is headlined by its smooth guitar and familiar Maozon-like synths. The percussion doesn’t build up until after a few measures, so the beginning can be treated as a build up, where one may take their time as their freestyle goes along.

You can then match your body as the bass builds up, with each movement having a purpose. It is at this point where having good control over your body movements becomes vital.

Songs like Dead Heat usually have many instruments layered on top of each other, but that does not mean you have to move to every single one! Choose any part of an instrument (like the primary synth or the snare drum) and let your movement represent that.

As the song transitions in and out of the drum’n’bass patterns, the percussion instruments will subside, and the main melody will take over, leaving you with the freedom to interpret the “feeling” of the song. You can either slow down and make it smooth, or stay sharp and precise.

Don’t be afraid to switch in and out of different feelings, too. Different instruments can determine what you feel, which in turn will decide how you want to approach your Freestyle. It’s all about what you are feeling in the moment! 

Style Guide #1 by kay0ss: Flavor/Grooving

Seta Para Cima↑↑ is a hot new track that is sure to make you bop your head with its flavorful Latin-inspired sounds, arranged in a way that makes it live up to many of today’s Bemani bangers!

The overall feel of the track is carried heavily by its Latin-infused structure, so a lot of your freestyle can involve a lot of grooving.

Groove is the idea of expressing rhythm and feeling through your own movement. With that being said, a lot of your freestyle can be influenced by how you hear and feel the song, which in turn, is represented by your own “flavor”. And let’s just say, this songs rhythmic vibes can bring out a lot of that inner flavor. ¡Muy caliente!

If you are familiar with Latin-inspired dances (i.e. Salsa, etc.), then your footwork or your hip movements may follow a specific pattern, while your upper body and your arms are more free to do whatever you’d like with them.

Others may feel more inclined to use their entire body as one, so both the arms and legs are showcased equally.

There are several moments in the song where one can showcase their musicality. Do not be afraid to show off a bit!